Masseur and health area attendant.

Like a masseur and healthcare pool attendant you expert of your sufferers, according to a doctor’s doctor prescribed person solutions.

Included in this are various forms of massage, together with baths, wraps and inhalations. Organizationally fit in with your industry of activity driving your individual affected person or consumer database and billing of products and services together with the health insurance. As part of your coaching you turn massages to the prevention and alleviation or threading tail Kneipp apps by means of. Additionally, you will understand many forms of electric powered, thermal and know radiotherapeutic program.

Right here discover the job masseur and health swimming pool attendant.

Zwickau After that date ranges 09/01/2020 info to college.

The most important information and facts.

Career potential customers.

Masseurs and health care shower attendants employed in recovery clinics, health and hospitals facilities. But Fitness Motels also restorative massage parlors, spas and saunas utilize rub practitioners and they are a progress location with very good career opportunities.

Immediately after your instruction you could you with your area of labor and further coaching as Lymphatic water flow rub or acupuncture to master or enroll in a training as physiotherapist. Otherwise you make oneself with your personal rub exercise alone or operate in non-public companies and households on an outpatient basis like a free lance masseur.

Admission prerequisites.

You will have delight in dealing with those people who are fit enough and can empathize together with you nicely in other individuals? Then working as a masseur and health pool area attendant suits you!

The fundamental specifications for the start of the courses are:

Great or counterpart education and learning or carried out a minumum of one year or so of expert training.

A lot more precise admittance prerequisites you have during the interview.

Learning constructing.

You full your theoretical and practical coaching in school. Once a week instead of five times or combined into one or more weeks of instruction blocks classes are held either in parallel with the practical training. The essay helper training hinders alternate perhaps from of your respective practical education. Your functional instruction you will plus your understanding internship in a healthcare facility, a treatment middle or maybe a massage therapy exercise offer.

Your teaching requires 2.5 years, and is broken into a two-season college training (2230 many hours and 800 many hours sensible teaching) and a six-four weeks internship identification immediately after properly transferring the last assessment. Your internship will occur in unique institutions and in several disciplines (Traditional therapeutic massage, reflexology,… ) and is also prepared for you from the institution.

The lesson takes approximately 35-40 many hours weekly.

Understanding areas.

In the theoretical section of the study course you will understand:

Anatomy Standard pathology Special pathology physiology very first dressing and aid method applied physics and biomechanics Psychology / Pedagogy / sociology rehabilitation and prevention Physical Education and learning Health Bodily therapeutic getting approaches Traditional therapeutic massage reflexology particular forms of massage therapy exercise cure from the context of massage therapy and other therapeutic and physical processes Eletrolight, – and radiotherapy hydrothermal, balneotherapy, inhalation and – treatment legislation and ethics Staatskunde literature and language.

The realistic section of the instruction includes:

Traditional therapeutic massage reflexology specific sorts of massage therapy, exercise cure from the framework of therapeutic massage along with other physical therapeutic approaches light, electrical and radiation remedy hydro, Balneo-, thermal and inhalation therapy.


We look forward to receiving your application with the right after application paperwork:

(Agreed upon and e-postal mail handle) cover letter easy, CV a passport picture ( an electronic passport picture) authenticated replicates evidence of adequate expertise in German (a minimum of degree B2)

A lot more certain entrance prerequisites you have during the interview.

Please put your application in a stamped envelope if you apply by mail. You could account and also straight apply on-line working with our application.

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